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Tisserand Top 3 Most Useful Essential Oils 9ml x 3 Pk


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The Everyday Essential Oils kit features Tisserand’s top three essential oils: Eucalyptus, Lavender and Tea Tree. Each of these essential oils has its own distinct aroma: -Eucalyptus, distilled from leaves grown in Spain, is strong, fresh and stimulating with a piercing aroma. It is best used in a vaporiser to freshen the air. -Lavender, distilled from flowers grown in France, is light, clean and refreshing with a floral aroma. It can be used neat on the skin for quick cleansing or to soothe the skin. -Tea Tree, distilled from the leaves of trees grown in Australia, is powerful and bracing with a fresh aroma. It can be used neat on the skin to speed the healing of insect bites, wounds and infected cuts. All three essential oils can be used for a number of everyday ailments for adults and children over 5. Keep these oils in the bathroom, kitchen or carry them with you when you travel to enjoy the instant benefit of 100% natural pure essential oils.

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